Thoughts on the road

Dont need something you already have

The western world’and the churches biggest challenge in our time is our love for things and money. Often we fighting moral battles that itself is important, but we easily miss out on the most important battles, the battles that will change the face of our nations. We see in the way we are slow to welcome people in great need, people from country of war and poverty, how much more we value our belongings over human beings. People is inteded to be loved, things are to be used. The greates challenge of our time is that we love things and use people. This also influence the identity of the church that was supposed to be the hope of the nations. You can even see it aome of our worship songs were we sing out our need of things we already have. » I need your supernatural love», but in fact I already have it and I’m called to live my life out of that identity formed by the fact that I’m loved so deeply that God died for me. 

If we want to transform our nation and the nations, we have to stop needing what we already have. We need to start living out of the richest position we at any time can hope for…..our position at the feet of the cross of Jesus and in the nearness of the friends of friends. 

This is not only a problem for the faith movement that talks about Gods that gives us all things, this is a challenge for the whole church of Jesus, at least in the western part of the world. We need to believe that we have all things, all things important to make the world a better place where people again find hope and freedom. 

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