Its all about family!

Jesus didnt start a church, he opened the way for each one of us back to daddy God and his family. The one God has come to us as family. God is not only father, he is also son, not only mother, also daugther, not only a person, also a spirit. And we are brought back to family. That’s why the prodigal son never was accepted home as a worker. The only option was to become son of the house again.

In the mission that we are part of in Asia and in Norway its also all about family. We do not do mission to build our own ministry, our own organisation, we come as family, wanting other parts of family to grow, to succeed, to win their battles, to reach their destiny! This is a revelation so deap. This is changing the way we do and think church and global mission. Its not about what my organisation can recieve, get out of it, grow into, its about how I can invest in my family so the Father of the family gets more glory. 

In Cambodia we have been growing into this understanding,mthis way of doing for many years, but this few days hanging out with Leif Hetland, Elmira and Paul And their families in Asia, listening to their teaching, hearing their testimonies, have showing my how important this shift in teology and strategy has been. This is a shift that will bring mission societies into mission families. 

In Cambodia we bring family together. Different parts of family now find their way back to closeness with each other. In this way we believe that the family of God will stay strong in all kind of situations, in what ever God brings over the beautiful kingdom of Cambodia. This last week we have seen different part of families finding the way back to each other. Coming closer to each others heart. I have this deep joy in coming closer to real wonderful and honest leaders. I big thank you to rev. Heng Cheng, pastor Sor, pastor Barnabas, Joseph Kung and main leaders from all the provinces in Cambodia! The next move of the Lord is already on his way, where family in different nation is brought together for the glory of daddy God. 

Some pictures from the family album:

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