IMI LANGUAGE SCHOOL grows to 5 levels

Often fully booked weeks before its starts. Now is the time to grab a seat at IMI Language School or to informe people you know to hurry up. There is still seats left, but it runs out quickly.

Breaking news:

We create a new B2 level that we call level 4 and we are back with the refreshing level 5 where you get to know Norwegian culture and fundamentals. This is the level where we also discuss religion. If the society become afraid of talking about faith we drift away from eachother. Students that have participated in level 5 finds it encouraging that people of no faith talks with people of many faiths. Also to meet people from Kjøreskole, NAV, barnevern, Tursitforening, Røde Kors, Fagorganisasjon m.m. give great insights in what made Norway this way.

Registration here!!!!








Look forward to see you in September for your next brekthroughs in the Norwegian language


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